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"Growing up in a musical family with a big love for classical music Søren Siegumfeldt rebelled by playing bebop saxophone in small groups and big bands. For the past eighteen years his career has been focused on composition and music production."

Hearing Richard Galliano perform made Søren Siegumfeldt overcome his state of being starstruck and Galliano appeared on the sequel to Red Shoes: “BLUE HAT” (2004) and that album won the prize for being “Best Jazz Album of the Year” in Denmark.

Søren left the conservatory in 1998 publishing the album “Greatest Hits” – it was instantly awarded as the second best album of that year, only surpassed by the wonderful Ed Thigpen.

“WAITING FOR THE GOOD TIMES” (2009) marked the arrival of singer Alice Carreri and she has fronted String Swing with her amazing abilities and devilish charm ever since.

“RED SHOES” (2001) – the String Swing debut album featuring Josefine Cronholm won a jazz grammy and placed String Swing on the map of Denmark with extensive touring.

As a


As a composer and producer Søren Siegumfeldt has contributed to and/or produced albums by both International Singers:


– Diego Figueiredo “Broken Bossa” (Stunt 2015)
– Peter Fuglsang File Under Purple
– Norwegian singer Inger Marie (with Ulf Wakenius) By Myself


And danish singers such as:
Malene Mortensen
Kendra Lou
Caroline Henderson

On the


Søren Siegumfeldt began his career playing alto saxophone in Klüvers Big Band in Aarhus and later joined Pierre Dørge’s New Jungle Orchestra with whom he played big jazz festivals all over – special mention goes to the 1986 performance at the Chicago Jazz festival with John Tchicai, Jon Christensen and Marilyn Mazur.


His debut album “Keep Your Hands Wide Open” (1988) was a duet recording with pianist Horace Parlan.
Then followed “The Two Bass Hit” featuring legendary bass player Hugo Rasmussen along with the young drumming genius Michael Paulsen.


In 2010 Søren Siegumfeldt fell in love with an old Buescher C-melody saxophone and spent three years playing that instrument exclusively. At the same time he joined Martin Fondses Jazz Orchestra in Amsterdam. On the band’s first album Fragrant Moondrops you hear Søren soloing on Martin Fondse’s great chord structure of No, Not Hubbert!“. Another clip from the c-melody years is Martin Fondse’s project with electronic music whiz Matthew Herbert.


For the past years the Martin Fondse Jazz Orchestra has accompanied brazilian singer LENINE in concerts in Brasil, the US and festivals in Europe. A gig Søren enjoys immensely playing.


Søren Siegumfeldt now plays the tenor saxophone in most contexts – among others in the band Zigaboom, which is lead by his son Arto Louis Eriksen.