In film-, jazz- and pop-contexts Søren Siegumfeldt has written countless works for classical players.

But only a few years ago the first commissions from the classical world started coming in.

Søren was commissioned – along with composers Karsten Fundal and Filip Faber – to write the repertoire for the unusual quartet


Soprano Sofie Elkjær Jensen
Flutist Isabella Hübener
Counter tenor Valdemar Villadsen
Viola player Andreas Birk


Søren wrote two pieces and was overwhelmed by the enthusiasm with which the quartet swallowed his works – so he wrote one more.


The first piece was La Solea based on Federico García Lorcas mysterious poem.


Then the suite Rebellem.


The last piece was ‘Lønlig Gennem Dødningehaven’ based on a verse from a psalm by B.S. Ingemann


Soprano Sofie Elkjær Jensen
Flutist Isabella Hübener


Asked Søren Siegumfeldt to adapt Lønlig Gennem Dødningehaven so they could perform it in a duo version.


They played it at Danish Broadcasting Corporations chamber music competition in 2014 and won the prestigious “Best Performance of a Work by a Living Composer”

The Stairway To Hell

This was followed by a commission the Academy of the Royal Opera for an opera, Trappen Til Helvede, The Stairway To Hell, based on poems by Sophus Claussen. Director and writer Ebbe Knudsen provided the libretto – a story of love, submission and fear for the future.

The Stairway To Hell had it’s leading parts sung by Albin Ahl, Per Eriksson, Markus Birgersson, Beate Mordal, Lea Korsgård and Astrid Nordstad.
The nine man ensemble was conducted by Martin Åkerwall.

The opera received a surprisingly large amount of extremely positive reviews.